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 Hi, I'm Anne and I am so glad you're visiting my online shop!

The Boathouse was born out of my passion for creating and it really all started with a one cookie cutter. A few years ago I started a gifting business, East Coast Box Company, and was looking for a Nova Scotia cookie cutter to add to a baking-themed giftbox. When I couldn’t find one I decided to create my own. I learned how to use 3D design software, I bought a 3D printer and designed the cookie cutter packaging. I honestly had no idea if I would even sell one – it was a huge gamble!

The cookie cutters sold faster than I could make them and I expanded to add in the Atlantic Provinces as well as a few local landmarks. I began selling wholesale to a number of local shops and slowly added in other products that were tailored to our East Coast home and maritime culture. In 2020, after selling over 2,500 cookie cutters, I sold the gifting portion of my business and now East Coast Box is part of the Nova Box family which has allowed me to focus on designing and creating unique and whimsical maritime-themed gifts and goods.

I feel so fortunate that I have the opportunity to dream up and create these products that people love and I am beyond thrilled to have our cookie cutters, rocks glasses, mugs, swizzle sticks and seasonal items in a number of my favourite stores throughout Atlantic Canada.

Cheers from the Maritimes,




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